Offset printing is a technique in which dye is transferred from the plate directly on the tire and then printing on paper (kunsdruk, offset, mouflon or special types of paper).

Offset printing as a sophisticated process in which working together man and machine is the peak of printing. In the process there are four basic colors: black, blue, red and yellow. These colors are printed in very small points, invisible to the naked eye, the very regularity and position of the dot relative to the adjacent creates the illusion of another color. Based on this, it is said that the four basic colors occurs most other colors, of course, there are colors that can not be obtained from the 4 primary, so there is a range of special colors.

Offset printing is the most widespread type of the press both here and abroad. It is mainly used for medium and large print runs.

Offset printing is ideal for large print runs because it offers excellent value for the price of the final product. Due to the specifics of each job offer, please contact us, and we will in the shortest time contact you with the master price.

Prepress solution can be bringed directly to our office or send it via our e-mail adress. Print quality is influenced by many factors, and this is the main reason why we put great effort in selecting the best and highest quality materials in print, such as paper, board, chemistry, and continuous staff training and regular calibration and control of entire process from preparation to the press.

Currently our printing company has the following printing machines:

- Perla B2 (monochrome)
- Ryobi 520 kompact
- Heidelberg cylinder B2.

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Printing company offers a complete system and graphic finishing (powder, bending, clamming, punching ...)

Print quality is reflected in the quality of the paint coat machine and image quality.

Over 20 years of experience is our recommendation. We are engaged in offset printing and our emphasis is on delivery cardboard.

Let real proffesionals handle the job.