Printing company "Mini Štampa" began work in 1991 and in that time has become one of the best graphic company in Cacak and its environs.

Constant monitoring of the modern world achievements in the field of printing, staff training and acquisition of new knowledge helps us to gain and maintain a distinctive position in the areas that we do.

The highest level of technical equipment (printing with 18 years of experience, great facilities for the preparation, design, printing, finishing and other graphic services), enable us to offer a diverse range of products and services. As one of our greatest strengths, emphasize the ability to offer clients services all in one place, without having to engage with other individuals or companies on matters of marketing, design and printing. Our team is qualified to perform the most complex tasks.


In order to increase its production, expanding the product range, better and faster to meet market needs, and to create adequate working environment with the necessary equipment, which is specially treated and finishing plant for the preparation and storage areas. The realization of this investment will be possible to increase the volume shift from manufacturing, hiring new staff, further improving in quality of production and the introduction of new ISO standards for both our markets and countries in the region.

We thank all our clients for their trust in us.